Press Releases

20.01.2015 - Paris (France)

French Académie du Jazz Award to "Sidney Bechet in Switzerland"

10.12.2014 - Geneva (Switzerland)

Sortie du coffret "Sidney Bechet en Suisse"

23.10.2013 - Geneva (Switzerland)

The United Music Foundation takes part in the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

23.10.2013 - Geneva (Switzerland)


On October 27, 2013, on the occasion of UNESCO's celebration of the World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the United Music Foundation completes a major project consisting in the preservation, the restoration and historical research of Sidney Bechet's recordings in Switzerland.

Many private and public archives, including RTS, have provided their original media: audio tapes, 78rpm acetate records, photos, documentation, etc.

In order to make this project available to the public, a 4 CD boxed set, including a book of about 180 pages, will be released withing a few weeks.

This is the only initiative organized in Geneva for this event.